The company of Alfa Misr For Industrial And Investment was founded in 1997 at Ramadan City. The factory is distinguished as it includes all the production stages, which starts with processing, packaging, and then storing of its finished products.

The refinery process passes through 7 phases in order to offer our consumers the best purity and quality possible. The produces several brands of soft edible oil; Corn oil, Sunflower oil, Soya Bean oil.

The factory includes 5 production lines.


Main Products

  • Berlant Corn Oil
  • Berlant Sunflower Oil
  • Alfa Corn Oil
  • Alfa Sunflower Oil
  • Shouq Soya-Bean oil
  • Amarain Sunflower Oil
  • Shadow Sunflower Oil
  • El Nada Mixed Edible Oil
  • Habiba Mixed Edible Oil